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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26TH MARCH 2014 Scotland’s first workers’ co-op specialising in public affairs has been launched in Edinburgh. Public Affairs Co-operative Ltd guarantees an ethical, entirely transparent approach to business - based on high professional standards. In the midst of the ongoing debate on regulation and ethical practice of public affairs agencies, Public Affairs Co-op believes lobbying’s reputation is in need of an overhaul, and while accepting regulation is a good start, Neil Cuthbert, founder of the Public Affairs Co-op, says the opportunity ... Read more

What is ethical public affairs?

Public Affairs Co-operative is committed to an ethical approach to helping our clients influence the public policy process or lobby as its more commonly known. So what exactly is ethical public affairs and what does it mean in practice?  This is at the heart of what our company does so we want to set out what this will mean for our clients and those we have contact with. Lobbying is rarely out of the news and this year hasn’t bucked that trend.  The ... Read more

Principles of good communications

DAVID LEE of Public Affairs Co-operative says that good communications isn't easy - but is founded on some very simple principles... Communication is an extremely  broad church - but its purpose is actually very straightforward. Some purveyors of PR and associated services might try to persuade you otherwise, but look beyond the smoke and mirrors. In the space of one day, we are all assailed with an enormous range of communications - from a leaflet pushed through your door for a fast- food takeaway ... Read more