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Speaking up for the neutrals

In the business and third sectors, there are two camps emerging in the face of the referendum, and it’s not yes or no: it’s the vocal and the deathly silent. If someone were to conduct a poll, you could probably bet that the silent would be a clear majority. There are numerous examples of stories about the impact independence may have for good or ill on certain sectors and sections of society, which are entirely devoid of comment from the usual suspects ... Read more

Party conferences – what’s the value?

Attending Party conferences with a stand or organising a fringe event has long been seen as an essential part of a public affairs strategy for many organisations. Although of late this view has been challenged and there is a tendency to question how much value organisations get from being represented at such events. The traditional view was that fringe events highlighted the importance of issues and helped influence internal policy development. However with the natures of party conferences changing and open debate ... Read more

Westminster lobbying reform proposed

Labour will repeal the gagging law via News | The Labour Party. A significant announcement yesterday from the Labour Party that they will repeal the so-called 'gagging law' and introduce 'Real reform of the lobbying industry' in its place. Moves by the coalition government to introduce some legislation transparency for lobbying have had a rough ride.  Campaigners for more open government think the legislation doesn't go far enough. On the other hand industry bodies such as CIPR, PRCA and APPC wanted a  universal register that ... Read more

BBC News – South Lanarkshire ‘Owenstown’ new town plan rejected by councillors

South Lanarkshire 'Owenstown' new town plan rejected by councillors via BBC News - South Lanarkshire 'Owenstown' new town plan rejected by councillors. Many co-operative minded people will be disappointed by news that South Lanarkshire councillors have turned down the application for Owenstown. But given the strength of the recommendation in the planning officials' report, I would say they had no choice. In a very detailed report there are a large number of reasons listed why the scheme did not comply with local planning policies. So whilst ... Read more

Acosvo Members’ Day 26 March

Public Affairs Co-operative were pleased to participate in the first ever Acosvo Members' Day held on Wednesday 26 March at the offices of Tods Murray Solicitors in Edinburgh. The title of  our workshop was 'Does your public affairs strategy help your organisation achieve its objectives?' We were able to illustrate how to achieve this using a short group exercise using as a backdrop the independence referendum and the current debate about whether an independent Scotland will keep the Pound. The workshop materials are now ... Read more