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Behind the Devo-delays

Now Scotland knows where it stands. Well, after a fashion. The result might be in but the actual plan for more devolution to come has become even more vague than it was a week ago. It’s not, however, so hard to understand why when you consider the most pressing battle for the UK parties now is a General Election. The independence question is settled...for now. So what is behind the changes and disagreements on proposals for more devolution? Besides the attraction of finally resolving the ... Read more

Post-referendum support for your organisation

With the real possibility of a yes vote, and the rapid move toward a greater devolution settlement if not, the landscape of post-referendum Scotland has already changed beyond most people’s envisioning only a few months ago. Following the vote, things are going to quickly start to take shape, with discussions, negotiations or consultations expected to be underway in a matter of days. Analysis of the possible directions these could take and alerts on the developments week to week will help any company ... Read more

Will the result be accepted?

If the Scottish referendum result is as close as these three recent polls suggest, possibly with a very small majority for Yes, will it be accepted? While not generally a litigiously-minded island when it comes to politics, how close does the vote have to be for Scotland to end up wrangled in a US Presidential Election Florida 2000 style series of recounts, legal challenges and delays? With reports of inaccurate registrations, this possibility of challenges to the result has already been mooted. Even ... Read more

A knife edge?

Now the referendum campaign is polling on a knife-edge, the whole world has decided to sit up and give it serious attention. Despite the divisions, and despite the reports from both sides of unpleasant incidents, there’s something undeniably happening in Scotland that hasn’t been seen for a long time: overwhelming political engagement. The referendum is creating an energising of voters as perhaps never before; this is obvious to anyone in Scotland right now. Posters in windows, campaigners on streets, concerts and debates being ... Read more