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10 ways last week’s SNP surge will change British politics

CISSIE LIU, Public Affairs Co-operative’s graduate intern from the University of Edinburgh’s Master of Public Policy Programme comes to us with over 5 years of experience in parliamentary affairs in Canada. Here she offers insight into what Britain can expect from the SNP’s astonishing general election success drawing on lessons from Canada and Québec. The political map in the UK is being redrawn. The SNP made history last Thursday, winning 56 out of 59 Scottish seats at Westminster. The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats ... Read more

Five strategies for a successful renewable energy project

DAVID LEE of Public Affairs Co-Op is a media and events expert with significant experience in the renewable energy sector. Here, he explains how he has seen the landscape change.... WITH momentum slower than expected in the development of offshore wind and increasing opposition in rural areas to sizeable onshore developments, it would be easy to be downbeat about renewable energy in Scotland. However, the sector is thriving at a localised and small-scale level - and making a genuine and positive difference to ... Read more