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An update on our ethical approach

Public Affairs Co-op is the first of its kind; a public affairs consultancy guided by ethics. Public Affairs Co-operative is the UK’s first ethical, democratically run, worker led co-operative specialising in stakeholder engagement and lobbying. At our launch in March 2014, we made 10 commitments to ethical conduct and co-operative principles.  We wanted to update you on how we are matching up to this call to action. This year, Public Affairs Co-op has focussed its investment on education, skills training, and information, with the ... Read more

Guide to UK Government’s Energy Agenda

CISSIE LIU, Public Affairs Co-operative's graduate intern from the University of Edinburgh's Master of Public Policy Programme looks at how the new Conservative Government is approaching the issue of energy policy. THE Queen’s Speech heightened fears that David Cameron’s Conservative Government has renewable energy in its sights. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, reacted by urging Westminster to consult devolved administrations more widely on energy policy and by demanding a veto on any change to wind power subsidies. If ‘uncertainty is the new ... Read more