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A road trip to Birmingham

Party conferences offer a good opportunity to hear at close hand what politicians are thinking - especially in the hundreds of varied Fringe events which take place away from the rather stage-managed agenda of the main hall. That's why Public Affairs Co-Op travelled to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham this week, working with our client Confor - the trade body for the forestry and timber sector. Although politicians have very packed diaries at conference, there are regular chances to speak to them ... Read more

Bright future for forestry in Scotland

Scotland last had a new Forestry Act in 1967 and it looks very likely that it will get a new one exactly 50 years later, in 2017. To complete the full devolution of forestry, the Scottish Government recently launched a consultation - which ends on November 9th - to decide how to shape that future. The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity, Fergus Ewing, has pledged to listen carefully to what the forestry sector in Scotland wants, as he understand the importance ... Read more

Principles of good communications

DAVID LEE of Public Affairs Co-operative says that good communications isn't easy - but is founded on some very simple principles... Communication is an extremely  broad church - but its purpose is actually very straightforward. Some purveyors of PR and associated services might try to persuade you otherwise, but look beyond the smoke and mirrors. In the space of one day, we are all assailed with an enormous range of communications - from a leaflet pushed through your door for a fast- food takeaway ... Read more