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Labour will repeal the gagging law

via News | The Labour Party.

A significant announcement yesterday from the Labour Party that they will repeal the so-called ‘gagging law’ and introduce ‘Real reform of the lobbying industry’ in its place.

Moves by the coalition government to introduce some legislation transparency for lobbying have had a rough ride.  Campaigners for more open government think the legislation doesn’t go far enough.

On the other hand industry bodies such as CIPR, PRCA and APPC wanted a  universal register that would include ‘in-house’ lobbyists and not just the commercial sector.

The latest moves by Labour mean the issue is far from settled.  The Scottish Government is also planning to introduce legislation in this area and the Scottish Parliament Standards Committee is currently carrying out its own inquiry into lobbying.

I wrote this piece for The Scotsman in January setting out my views on how influencing government has changed in the digital era and making the case for greater transparency.

Public Affairs Co-operative is committed to an ethical approach to business and transparency in everything we do.  So whilst we will wait to see some more details of Labour’s proposals the direction of travel is welcomed.