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We are an ethical, democratically run, worker led co-operative. We profit-share among our staff and our chosen good causes and choose clients and suppliers that reflect our values.

The Public Affairs Co-operative was established in October 2013 by Neil Cuthbert and Ben McLeish, who wanted to create a different kind of public affairs consultancy – one driven by the values of ethics and professionalism.

In choosing to become a co-operative, we protect our ability to work independently and democratically. We are not beholden to any private shareholders or distant directors – we’re worker-led and committed to doing business ethically, as well as contributing a percentage of our profits to good causes every year.

Every member of staff has over a decade’s worth of experience, and are professionally accredited. We believe the people you meet in the pitch are the people you will work with, so you can benefit from that expertise every day you work with us.