Our ten commitments to ethical conduct

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Our ten commitments to ethical conduct:

Our ethical approach to business will not only meet, but go beyond existing requirements for openness and transparency in public affairs.


  1. We will always publish a full list of the clients we are working with and those we have worked with, updated monthly.
  2. Every quarter we’ll publish information on any meetings we attend or facilitate with Scottish or UK politicians and Ministers, to ensure that there is full transparency.
  3. Public Affairs Co-operative is registered as a lobbying organisation with the UK Public Affairs Council.
  4. In line with the Co-operative Principles, we will donate a minimum of 5% of our profits to chosen charitable causes, and provide information on those causes on our website.
  5. We will join any statutory register of lobbying organisations for the UK or Scotland that may be created.
  6. Our practice abides by the CIPR Code of Conduct and the PRCA Professional Charter and Code of Conduct.
  7. Staff are supported in continuous professional development as public affairs practitioners.
  8. We work as a democratic workers’ co-operative where our staff own and run the company and elect the directors, and as members of Co-operatives UK we will operate to their standards of good governance.
  9. We will choose our clients and suppliers carefully. We will not do business with companies involved in the fur trade, those who supply oppressive regimes, or multi-national companies with poor environmental records.
  10. We will respect human rights, animal welfare, fair trade and the environment in all our business dealings.