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Media and Communications
  • Media handling – we will ensure your approach and messages when dealing with media is working toward your campaign goals. We can arrange training, or act as a press office to answer the calls directly. We can support the drafting and disseminating of releases or articles and help put you in touch with the right journalists for your campaign.
  • Managing a crisis  – we can support your organisation in communicating difficult or controversial issues and offer advice on effective handling of issues affecting your organisation’s reputation.
  • Seminars and roundtables – for more in-depth discussion and debate we can help you arrange and plan events that target your key audience directly.
  • Audience research and polling – polling and research of your audience is one of the most effective ways an organisation can gain insight into what messages will be effective. We can help organise and analyse polling or research for your organisation.
  • Social media – having a social media presence is expected now by almost all audiences, but that should work for your organisation, rather than just be another thing on the long list of what’s expected of you (that you don’t feel you’ve time for). We can help you make the most of social media as a route to get recognition, support and business growth.
  • Copywriting – we can help you write clear, concise and high quality reports, briefings, publications and marketing materials for your campaign, and even the text for your website. We’re happy to do the legwork too: evidence-gathering, research or commissioning the designed product.