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  • Information about what affects you, delivered in time to do something about it – monitoring the Parliament and media, identifying what’s relevant and delivering a timely report, with suggested actions (which we can also help with).
  • Understanding the policy mindset and how you can influence it – advice on the current thinking or likely direction a particular policy may take and, most importantly, how to go about influencing it. We can guide you through how best to engage on legislation or policy, and get your issues heard by decision makers.
  • Planning effective campaigns – campaigns depend on plans that target the right people with the right messages. We can help you with planning, or implementing, your campaign from start to finish. Have a look at our packages page for more info.
  • Creating partnerships – you don’t have to go it alone, we can help you find partner organisations that may be looking to achieve the same goals. Such coalitions can greatly increase chances of success.
  • Building capacity, focusing on your goals – smaller organisations often find it difficult to do everything they want to with their communications. We can help with drafting of consultation responses, briefings, press releases, letters and publications (pretty much anything, really). As a matter of course, we offer an audit to all our clients to help them refocus activities where they will be most likely to have an impact.