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Scotland Independence VoteWith the real possibility of a yes vote, and the rapid move toward a greater devolution settlement if not, the landscape of post-referendum Scotland has already changed beyond most people’s envisioning only a few months ago.

Following the vote, things are going to quickly start to take shape, with discussions, negotiations or consultations expected to be underway in a matter of days. Analysis of the possible directions these could take and alerts on the developments week to week will help any company or organisation wanting to plan how to respond and adapt.

We can set out for your company the issues that may impact on your sector and the key points that may be contentious or pivotal. We can track the central issues for your company and advise you on opportunities to engage, e.g. in drafting a consultation response re the devolution proposals or commenting in media to help shape the policy agenda ahead of independence.

We’ve therefore developed the following packages, which we believe offer exceptional value for money, and in addition we’re offering the a further 10% discount for those signing up by the 17th September. These offering four different levels of support, depending on what would best suit your organisation’s needs.

Package includes





A report offering analysis of the result for Scotland’s political landscape and the possible impact across key sectors.

A tailored report scoping the key issues for your company/organisation & sector and possible approaches that may be taken on these by the Scottish and UK Governments.

Weekly email monitoring alerts on negotiations / devolution documents, and developments relevant to your company/organisation and sector. Reports provided up to March 2015

Weekly analysis of developments and advice on opportunities for responding to developments up to end March 2015

Support in drafting responses to consultations or media comment from the Scottish or UK Government up to end March 2015

Package price:



£500 monthly



Early sign-up discounted rate:







Prices are exclusive of VAT.

If your company or organisation needs support to respond to the referendum result which doesn’t easily fit with the above packages, we’re happy to offer you a bespoke package.

Further details:

  • Monitoring (Ongoing and Supported packages) – this will consist of an email report sent once each week to up to 10 individuals, setting out the key new developments over that week for your company/organisation, and the future events or dates of relevance to note.

  • Weekly analysis (Supported packages only) – will includes a bespoke weekly analysis of the week’s developments as it relates to your company/organisation and further email monitoring alerts on any immediate developments. Opportunities to respond or comment will be suggested where appropriate.

For the December/January holiday period these would be provided fortnightly.

  • Support for drafting (Supported packages only) – Up to 1.5 days further support on drafting policy positions, media responses or consultation responses each month. Usual cost for this level of support is £1100.

After this package concludes in March 2015 there will be an option to review and continue monitoring and support going forwards for up to 12 months.

To sign up or discuss further please contact Neil Cuthbert on 0131 240 1225 or email