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Behind the Devo-delays

Now Scotland knows where it stands. Well, after a fashion. The result might be in but the actual plan for more devolution to come has become even more vague than it was a week ago. It’s not, however, so hard to understand why when you consider the most pressing battle for the UK parties now is a General Election. The independence question is settled...for now. So what is behind the changes and disagreements on proposals for more devolution? Besides the attraction of finally resolving the ... Read more

Post-referendum support for your organisation

With the real possibility of a yes vote, and the rapid move toward a greater devolution settlement if not, the landscape of post-referendum Scotland has already changed beyond most people’s envisioning only a few months ago. Following the vote, things are going to quickly start to take shape, with discussions, negotiations or consultations expected to be underway in a matter of days. Analysis of the possible directions these could take and alerts on the developments week to week will help any company ... Read more

Will the result be accepted?

If the Scottish referendum result is as close as these three recent polls suggest, possibly with a very small majority for Yes, will it be accepted? While not generally a litigiously-minded island when it comes to politics, how close does the vote have to be for Scotland to end up wrangled in a US Presidential Election Florida 2000 style series of recounts, legal challenges and delays? With reports of inaccurate registrations, this possibility of challenges to the result has already been mooted. Even ... Read more

A knife edge?

Now the referendum campaign is polling on a knife-edge, the whole world has decided to sit up and give it serious attention. Despite the divisions, and despite the reports from both sides of unpleasant incidents, there’s something undeniably happening in Scotland that hasn’t been seen for a long time: overwhelming political engagement. The referendum is creating an energising of voters as perhaps never before; this is obvious to anyone in Scotland right now. Posters in windows, campaigners on streets, concerts and debates being ... Read more

The Edinburgh Festivals – A Politico’s Guide

Any overview you care to read about the Edinburgh festivals will mention the independence referendum as a key theme of this year’s offerings...before quickly recommending you see other things, assuming, for some reason, that you might not be a political obsessive. As we are somewhat obsessive her at the Public Affairs Co-op, we are unabashedly offering suggestions for those who like a bit of politicking with their festivities. There's something for every kind of politico: For the cultural politico - those who ... Read more

GALLERY: Third Sector Question Time

Last night MSPs Jenny Marra (Scottish Labour) and John Finnie (Independent) joined Lucy McTernan of SCVO and Andy Myles of Scottish Environment LINK in a unique 'question time' style debate about Scotland's constitutional future. David Lee of Public Affairs Co-op chaired the session, which sold out online with almost 40 people in attendance. Questions covered issues of how charities could be heard while remaining neutral, how co-ops and social enterprises can play a larger part in Scotland's society and economy post referendum, the ... Read more


Scottish politicians Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Green Party, Jenny Marra MSP, Scottish Labour Party, plus two representatives of third sector organisations Andy Myles, of Scottish Environment LINK and Lucy McTernan, SCVO Deputy Chief Executive, are to debate and answer questions from Scotland’s charities and social enterprises next month on the independence referendum. Public Affairs Co-op, Scotland’s first public affairs workers’ co-operative, working with partners Social Enterprise Scotland, Co-ops UK, and Association of Chief Officers of Voluntary Organisations (ACOSVO), are organising the free ... Read more


Public Affairs Co-operative, Scotland's first ethical public affairs company, this week joins other companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Tods Murray Solicitors in becoming an official strategic partner of the representative organisation for charity leaders, Association of Chief Officers of Scottish Voluntary Organisations (ACOSVO). The strategic partnership will see Public Affairs Co-op able to offer ACOSVO members exclusive discounts and training sessions, and work together on events of benefit to the wider sector, including an upcoming Third Sector Question ... Read more

Speaking up for the neutrals

In the business and third sectors, there are two camps emerging in the face of the referendum, and it’s not yes or no: it’s the vocal and the deathly silent. If someone were to conduct a poll, you could probably bet that the silent would be a clear majority. There are numerous examples of stories about the impact independence may have for good or ill on certain sectors and sections of society, which are entirely devoid of comment from the usual suspects ... Read more


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 26TH MARCH 2014 Scotland’s first workers’ co-op specialising in public affairs has been launched in Edinburgh. Public Affairs Co-operative Ltd guarantees an ethical, entirely transparent approach to business - based on high professional standards. In the midst of the ongoing debate on regulation and ethical practice of public affairs agencies, Public Affairs Co-op believes lobbying’s reputation is in need of an overhaul, and while accepting regulation is a good start, Neil Cuthbert, founder of the Public Affairs Co-op, says the opportunity ... Read more
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