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Behind the Devo-delays

Now Scotland knows where it stands. Well, after a fashion. The result might be in but the actual plan for more devolution to come has become even more vague than it was a week ago. It’s not, however, so hard to understand why when you consider the most pressing battle for the UK parties now is a General Election. The independence question is settled...for now. So what is behind the changes and disagreements on proposals for more devolution? Besides the attraction of finally resolving the ... Read more

The Edinburgh Festivals – A Politico’s Guide

Any overview you care to read about the Edinburgh festivals will mention the independence referendum as a key theme of this year’s offerings...before quickly recommending you see other things, assuming, for some reason, that you might not be a political obsessive. As we are somewhat obsessive her at the Public Affairs Co-op, we are unabashedly offering suggestions for those who like a bit of politicking with their festivities. There's something for every kind of politico: For the cultural politico - those who ... Read more

Party conferences – what’s the value?

Attending Party conferences with a stand or organising a fringe event has long been seen as an essential part of a public affairs strategy for many organisations. Although of late this view has been challenged and there is a tendency to question how much value organisations get from being represented at such events. The traditional view was that fringe events highlighted the importance of issues and helped influence internal policy development. However with the natures of party conferences changing and open debate ... Read more